194 West Court Piggott, AR


The city of Piggott is led by Mayor Travis Williams and council members: Jeff Benbrook, Jamey Parks, and Kevin Jones. This hard-working, hometown team is backed by the elected City Clerk/Treasurer Julie McMillon and City Attorney - Kimberly Dale.

City Hall is located on our historic downtown square at 194 West Court.  It holds offices for the Mayor, Treasurer, and City Clerk, as well as the Police and Utilities Departments.

For more information on laws, policies, ordinances, and upcoming agenda items feel free to visit our offices or sit in on City Council Meetings.  Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. at the City Hall Conference Room unless posted otherwise.  All meetings are open to the public. 

Our elected council members work hard to keep this town running smoothly and efficiently!  Council meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. in the conference room located at the city hall.  Meeting are open and welcome to the public. 


Contact City Hall
Travis Williams
Julie McMillon
City Clerk/Treasurer/CFO
Kimberly Dale
City Attorney
Tracy Cole
Council Member
Jeff Benbrook
Council Member
Jamey Parks
Council Memeber
Kevin Jones
Council Member

The Piggott Police Department is led by the Chief of Police Jeremi Wicker. The Department's goal is to maintain a relationship with the men, women, and children of Piggott;  to provide a safe and secure community for its' citizens and those visiting this beautiful and historic area; The Department prides itself in employing and retaining qualified and ambitious individuals that have a respect for the uniform and the department that enhances and empowers our city.

To contact your local police department please call 870-598-2295.


Jeremi Wicker
Chief Of Police
Zach Robertson
Sam Poole
Officer/CID/Code Enforcement
Josh Thompson
Cody Carter
Chris Crawford
Monty Sanders
Scott Redmon
Chip O'Connor

Our dedicated team of volunteer firefighters work hard to ensure that our town remains protected!


Jeff Benbrook
Fire Chief

Our street department works hard to keep the streets and infrastructure around them smooth and operational at all times of the year!


Gary Chronister
Street Superintendant


The Piggott Municipal Airport Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 12:00 pm unless otherwise scheduled. Meetings are located at the Airport Lounge.  

Board Members:

Chairman Jeffery Puckett Dr. Steve White
Nathan Blakely Danny Helms
Chip O'Connor


The Piggott Planning & Zoning Commission meets the third Monday of each month at 12:00 pm unless otherwise scheduled. Meetings are located at City Hall.  

Commission Members:

Chairman Frank Staples Jim Parks
Sharon James Dale Parks
Bradley Dunlap Terica Allen
Pat Self


The City of Piggott Zoning Regulations were adopted by ordinance in accordance with the General Land Use Plan. They clearly define all city regulations pertaining to structures and structural distance, parking and loading requirements, and more. 


Click here to view or download our zoning map


A building permit is required for all newly erected structures within city limits. Please complete and return a Building Permit Application to City Hall before building or placing any new structure on your property.

The total permit fee is calculated at $2.00 per every $1,000.00 of the cost of construction. 

All new structures must be within your property setbacks as set forth in the Zoning Regulations. To know your setbacks, find which zone your property is located in (see above map) and see that zones subsection of the Zoning Regulations. 

Please submit your application at City Hall or Once approved, a Code Enforcement Officer will inform you of the total cost of the permit and any other conditions that may apply. All fees must be paid at City Hall. 

There is no permitting or approval needed for interior/exterior construction which does not increase the square footage of your home, remodeling, or fencing. 

For more information, please contact Nathan Blakely at 870-598-3791 ext.2005