This building has been a main focus within our town since its establishment. This was once home to the Wood Division of L.A. Darling and had once provided over 150 jobs for the city of Piggott and Clay Co. The building was originally erected in 1971 and added an office area in 1974 which covers 5% of the total building space. After this, two large additions were built in 1985 and 1990 which doubled the existing area, this brought the structure to the over 300,000 sq ft that is today. The building sits upon a foundation of 4 and 6 inch concrete and features a paved parking lot with sidewalk features.  The structure features a working HVAC system, a high quality electrical system, and energy saving insulation throughout its entirely metal structure. There are installed and operational sprinkler systems and security lights. Fire protection is located less than a mile away and large water, sewer, and electric connections are either existing or available for upgrading. 

Feel free to contact the Office of Planning & Zoning at (870)598-3243 with any questions, concerns, or information requests.