Boasting 105,750 square feet of heated indoor work space, this structure is just waiting to be utilized! This indoor area includes a main work area consisting of 92,000 square feet, a secondary work area of 11,250 square feet, and 2,500 square feet of office space! The main areas have a ceiling height of 25 feet. This space can be easily accessed by truck through any of the 8 loading docks opening right onto the shop floor. In addition to this large work area, there are two covered storage bays in the back of the property which total to 7,560 square feet each. Columns are spaced 25 feet each, and bay doors are 10' x 10', 4 feet above the ground. All work floors are 4" reinforced concrete. Walls and roof are metal. Sprinkler system is charged and operational. The building has passed phase 1 environmental inspection. The structure is located conveniently within city limits on the outskirts of town. This allows full access to city services and utilities while still keeping the location within 2 miles of Highway 139.

Please contact the Office of Planning & Zoning at 598-3243 for more information, questions, or concerns.